• Quality of Education - The Catholic University of Portugal in Porto is a reference University, whose quality of education is nationally and internationally recognized. We develop our activities based on innovation practices and quality assurance, continually monitoring opportunities and changing needs.
  • Costs - The cost of monthly fees at Catholic University of Portugal in Porto are quite affordable, especially when compared to its international counterparts. Undergraduate student university fees are about 450€/10 months a year.
    Also, Porto living costs is fairly inexpensive when compared with other equal size European cities. (Porto Living Costs).
  • Scholarships for international exchange in Europe - Catholic University of Portugal in Porto offer their students the opportunity to do a funded exchange period in several European universities, as well as the possibility of doing funded internships funded in other European countries.
  • Diverse and stimulating environment - The coexistence of various areas of knowledge in the same campus results in many scientific, cultural, social and academic activities that contribute to the development and curriculum enrichment for the students.
    Also, the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto hosts students from all over the world who contribute to the construction of an open active and experienced community.