How to apply?

All candidates must comply with the Portuguese law.

As a minimum requirement, students willing to apply for a Master's Program must have completed an undergraduate program;

Students interested in applying for a Graduate Program should contact the University services by email at:

All original documents to be included in the application file must be sent in advance by post for specific process analysis.

All application procedures can be completed from afar, with no need for face contact.

  • Language requirements:

Most courses are taught in English (we offer basic training in Portuguese and English, if necessary).

  • Documentation to be submitted:

A completed application form: undergraduate | graduate
A certified copy of your academic qualifications
A copy of your passport (photo data page) or ID
application fee

Applicants who are uncertain about the minimum requirements are advised to contact us at:

  • Academic calendar:

Typically the first semester starts on September and runs through December (exams in January). The second semester starts in February and runs through May (exams in June).

For further information please contact us at: