What students say about us…

First of all I think that Erasmus is a great experience and I would recommend it to everybody.But Erasmus in Porto is specific and different from the other. (...) It opened my eyes on various issues. That's a very valuable experience. I want to come back here some day in the future. Pawel Cabaj - POLAND

So, I hope the relationship between Católica and Akita International University will help the development of stronger friendship between Portugal and Japan and Portuguese and Japanese.
Studying is very important, but I could have learned so many things that will be needed in my future life during my stay in Católica and Portugal. Takaya Kato - JAPAN

When I came here I had no idea what I can experience here at the University, in Porto and in Portugal. Now I can say that was one of the best times of my life. What surprised me was the attitude of Portuguese, their hospitality and always eagerness to help. Because of this, all my problems even when appeared, they disappeared very quickly. I liked the University very much, the attitude of the teachers and the clear way of evaluation. My stay here was such a wonderful experience for me, not only because of the weather, city but also and mainly because of the beautiful culture and fantastic, unique people that I met here.I am looking for my second arrival here. Aleksandra Boratyńska - POLAND

(...) I couldn't imagine that my Erasmus experience could become one of the best of my life. I like Portugal, I like the people! They are always so nice in every place,especially in the University. I'm really happy and proud to have chosen Porto such as the city for 4 months of my life. For this reasons I'll come back as soon as possible.
If I can suggest somewhere ... Erasmus in Porto all life! AloisiaLalli - ITALY

(...) A recepção que a Universidade Católica Portuguesa organizou foi maravilhosa, é muito bom chegar e poder ter a ajuda de colegas universitários para conhecermos uma cidade em que nunca talvez tivéssemos sonhado estar. Na universidade, conheci professores e funcionários excelentes, que me ajudaram bastante e que me proporcionaram oportunidades únicas na minha vida. Hoje, ao final de minha estadia tão rápida, 5 meses passaram num piscarde olhos, olho para essa minha experiência de intercâmbio com muita gratidão e felicidade pelas pessoas, lugares, cheiros e sabores que conheci. Adeus, ou melhor, como dizem os portugueses, "até já" Portugal. Leonardo de Albuquerque Dantas - BRAZIL

(...) I had fun in Porto with other Erasmus students all over the world. Everyone were really nice from the beginning till the end. We enjoyed a lot firstly in the reception days after the parties. That's why I really want to thank you to International Relation officers who are called Monica and Isabel. Thank you so much for everything. (...) Finally, thanks again Católica. You changed my mind abouts cience and had a big influence on me. Being an Erasmus student here was a pleasure for me and I believe that it will provide me privilege among the other candidates when I applied for a job in my future. Cemal Saygin GUMUSEL -Turkey

(...) Quiero decir que mi programa me permitió estar en 4 países diferentes, siendo Portugal, específicamente Porto el lugar de donde me quedan las mejores memorias y la mejor atención y apoyo por parte de la escuela, muchísimas gracias a todo el equipo de trabajo de la oficina de Relaciones Internacionales, ya que de no ser por ellos y las actividades realizadas desde el inicio, la integración cultural y social, adicional a la parte académica,hubiera sido muy complicada. Héctor Miguel Casillas Méndez -México