Face-to-face exams - Guidelines for students – FAQ’s

Rules for conducting face-to-face exams - Guidelines for students
Can I park my car at the University parking lot?
      Yes. You can do it p to the park's capacity limit.
Where can I find information on the exams’ room?
There are nominal students’ lists for each exam available at the Campus Online Community. There, you can find information on the room assigned for each exam, as well as the entrance door to the building that will lead to that room.
How may I access the room where I will take the exam?
The entrance to the building in which the exam room is located is shown on this map. Each room can only be entered through the defined location on the map, even if the building has several entrances. Also, whenever it is possible, please walk on your right.
Will there be any control mechanism to access the buildings where exams are taking place?
Yes. Entrance to each building will be supervised by staff members. They will monitor students’ entrances according to nominal students’ lists for each exam. Students who are not listed are prevented from entering the building.
Will I be able to enter the room and take the exam if my name is not on the list?
No. If your name is not on the list, you will not be able to enter the room and take your exam. To prevent such a situation, and whenever prior registration is required, please make sure that you register for the exam on time. Take note that once the application deadline is passed, you will not be allowed to register and thus to take the exam. In order to avert these situation, we recommend that you make an early check on the lists available on Campus Online.

How far in advance should I come to the University?
Please make sure you stand at the entrance door to the building at least 30 minutes before the exam time. While queuing to enter the room, please respect the required social distance (about 2 meters).
Are there any hygiene requirements to enter the University?
You must wear a mask to enter the University. If you do not have a mask, you will be provided with a disposable mask at the entrance of the building. After entering the building, you should wear the mask at all times. You may only remove it briefly, in case you need to drink.
You should disinfect your hands when entering the building, using the sanitizer dispensers next to the entrances or in the halls next to the rooms. If necessary, please use the sanitary facilities closest to the room where the exam is being taken.
During the exam, where can I put my belongings (wallet / backpack, ...)?
 Please take with you just enough objects for the exam, (according to the guidelines for each course unit): writing and consultation material, and the fewest personal objects. Please note that these objects should take very little space and that, whenever it is possible they should be placed in a bag or backpack. You must also clean those objects before leaving the house. In the exam room these items will be placed on the floor under each student's chair or hung up on the back of the chair according to instructions from the teachers / supervisors.
Once the exam is finished what should I do?
After finishing the exam, please place it following the teacher / guardian instructions.  When leaving the exam room, please take all your belongings and leave no residues. If you have used scratch sheets, please place them. If you are not given any guidance, please discard those in the waste bin placed at the door entrance. You should then proceed immediately to the exit door.
Where shall I go after leaving the exam classroom?
In case your exam is taking place in the Central Building or Arts Building, please use the Central Building exit. For all other buildings, please use the same door as for entrance. Leave campus keeping social distance and restricting any unnecessary circulation within the building.